March Volunteer Spotlight: Wyatt Drum

Our March Spotlight Volunteer of the Month is Wyatt Drum, the son of Jimmie and Roshanne Drum of Conover. Seventeen-year-old Wyatt was born in Hickory and is a junior at Newton-Conover High School. Wyatt has volunteered almost every Saturday at Hickory Aviation Museum for the past year.

Wyatt has a wide range of interests at every level of his life. He loves aviation, studying history, especially military history and how aviation technology has changed that history. His all-time favorite aircraft is the General Dynamics F-111 Aardvark. The Aardvark pioneered almost every new technology available in the 1960s.

Music is another passion of young Wyatt’s. A percussionist in the Newton-Conover Red Devil’s high school, Wyatt’s primary instrument is the bass drum. His next love is horses. Almost every day, Wyatt mucks around seventeen horse stalls at a local horse farm. This love currently provides his source of income.

On Saturdays, you can find Wyatt at the Hickory Aviation Museum giving tours of our aircraft. After he graduates next year, Wyatt is considering joining the US Navy or US Air Force to learn aircraft mechanics. His other option is to attend the Catawba Valley Community College’s new Aviation Campus currently under construction here at the airport. His ultimate goal is to become an Airframe and Power Plant mechanic.

One day soon, we could see Wyatt serving his country through the military route or through the aviation industry, owning horses of his own and playing in a local band on the weekends, always doing the things he loves! It can’t get much better than that, and it couldn’t happen to a finer young man! Thank you for your service, Wyatt. We’re cheering you on!

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