Historical Exhibits

The Golden Age of Aviation

We are dedicated to maintaining the facts and artifacts of the Golden Age of Aviation. The Museum provides a unique opportunity for all generations to learn and appreciate aviation history. We achieve this by adding new exhibits and aircraft on a regular basis.

The interior of Hickory Aviation Museum has artifacts and memorabilia ranging from WWI to present day, including a display about NC natives and WWII heroes Bill and George Preddy provided by the Preddy Foundation.

Models are on display that show how aircraft design changed from the Wright Flyer to the F/A-18 Hornet.

The Wall of Honor is inside of the museum, honoring members of our organization and local people that are veterans, and the Memorial Wall remembers those who have passed.

Take a close look at ejection seats and flight suits and one of the actual surviving early jet engines from the 1940s!

Naval Aviation Annex

Our Naval Aviation Annex is located in the old baggage claim area. There you can learn a little about carrier aviation.

Various artifacts are on display include an F-14 Tomcat camera pod, two 20mm Vulcan cannons; one carried in an F-14, the other in an F/A-18.

USN and USMC uniforms are on display along with models of a WWII era aircraft carrier and a modern Nimitz Class Carrier.

Throughout the entire building, you’ll see displays honoring various military aviators and rare signed and numbered art prints. Be sure to spend a few moments learning about the two Naval Aviators whose names are stenciled on our Blue Angel F/A-18A Hornet and why they are remembered.

Museum Research Library

Hickory Aviation Museum has an extensive collection of magazines, books, and flight manuals that are available for public usage in a comfortable and quiet setting.

Materials may not be checked out, however there is a table and chairs as well as a computer and printer that may be used for research any time the museum is open.