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Amy Shue Hays and the 449th BG

By Kyle Kirby

Photo by Kyle Kirby On March 20th we were delighted to have Amy Shue Hays come to the museum. I met Amy on Facebook and after finding out we had many neat things in common, her father was also in our good pal Joe Miller's unit in WW II. Her father was a photographer and had hundreds of pictures he took in Italy with the 449th BG. Unforunately he passed away two years ago, but Amy was gracious enough to come share the photos with Joe and the staff here. It was just awesome to see Joe's reaction to the pics as they stirred up many memories. Also, we are thankful to the Hickory Daily Record for coming out to share this unique event with the public. I can't thank Amy enough for her graciousness in driving up from Cary to make this happen!

Photo by Kyle Kirby
Amy Shue Hays

Photo by Kyle Kirby
Joe Miller and daughter Helen enjoying the photographs, as are Kregg and I in the background!

Photo by Kyle Kirby
Joe and I discuss a pic together with Helen. Joe is just an incredible representative of the greatest generation and he brought me the B-24 Bolo Tie I am wearing that morning. I wear it as a badge of honor for my dear friend Joe Miller. It was just incredible to witness his reaction to these phenomenal photographs!!

Photo by Kyle Kirby
John Josiah Miller (Joe). Pilot extraordinaire...449th BG, 717th BS

Photo by Kyle Kirby
A sample of Amy's father's unique skill behind the camera!
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