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Aircraft Restoration Updates

7-15-2010 Update!

Calling all volunteers!

We are in the process of preparing the extra F-14 nose section for Octoberfest. We need extra help with this project to meet our deadline. If you are able to help, please call Ed Rosemond at 312-0288 or Perry at 455-2132.

11-2009 Update

Photo by Kyle Kirby Vince Esposito got us a step closer to getting the A-4L ready to paint recently. He made a belly panel for the underside of the fuselage/wing area that was missing. I know this took painstaking time as I have witnessed him measuring and making templates!! With help from several of our excellent staff here, the belly is without a gaping hole now. Soon, warmer weather and sunshine will allow us to get up to speed in getting her in VC-13 Saints trim. Many thanks to Vince and the excellent team here at HAM!

Photo by Kyle Kirby
This is part of the A-4 restoration team here. They are from left to right, Jim Rosamond, Kregg Kirby and Vince Esposito. In the background is Eddie Rosamond. He has built all of our heavy stands that support ejection seats, M-61s, and the AiM-54. I can't tell you how important he has been to a part of the staff here. Those artifacts just don't look too good sitting on the ground!!!

Photo by Kyle Kirby
We recently acquired an AiM-54 Phoenix missile from the U.S. Naval Museum. It was "heavy" even though it was a hollow round. Several of our staff were on hand to assemble it after Kregg Kirby and Tommy Hennessee's trip to get it at NAS Oceana. It is always fun to get new items for display and the Phoenix looks great with Felix 107!! The help included from left to right, Jeff Wofford, Mike Clevinger, Will Hill, Me, Brian Laws, Jim Rosamond, Jared Yates, John Kamstra, and Danny Daugherty. It is a lot of fun to work with our team here while we do a little important work preserving history.

Here is a shot of some of the cast after hanging the drop tank back on the F-105. Eddie Rosamond and Perry Fry deserve much thanks after their efforts in figuring out a way to reattach it! Jim likes to call it the "virtual forklift."

If you are interested in helping with aircraft restorations, contact Kregg Kirby. If you don't know how to contact him, send us an email on the Contact Us page.
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