Museum Information:

​The interior of the Hickory Aviation has artifacts and memorabilia ranging from WWII to present day.  Including a display about NC Natives Bill and George Preddy provided by the Preddy Foundation.  Models are on display that show how aircraft design changed from the Wright Flyer to The F-18 Hornet.  The Wall of Honor is inside of the museum, honoring members of our organization and local people that are veterans and then our Memorial Wall for those that have passed. Take a close look at ejection seats and flight suits.

The lobby display has  engine cutaways where you can see how a WWII era radial engine and a Jet engine work.  Sit in ready room chairs that were once aboard the USS Coral Sea.  Learn a little bit about how an airplane flies.

Our Naval Aviation Annex is located in the old baggage claim area.  There you can learn a little about carrier aviation. Various artifacts are on display including, an F-14 Camera Pod, two 20mm Vulcan cannons, one carried in an F-14, the other in an F-18. UNS and USMC uniforms are on display along with models of a WWII era aircraft carrier and a modern Nimitz Class Carrier.

Museum Availability:
The museum is available for private tours and for school groups with advance notice.  Please contact us for more information.  The Hickory Aviation Museum can help you coordinate a child’s birthday party or other event using the facilities here.

The Hickory Aviation Museum also supports Veteran’s group such as American Legion, DAV, and VFW.  We are available to help host events for any of these groups as well.  Please contact us for more information.​

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